How it all started…

From an early age I was always into sport. When I went to secondary school I did almost every sport, you name it i did it. I enjoyed being apart of a team. My problem was I lazy therefore I was not interested in training. I was only interesting in the end result rather than actually grinding out the hard work in training.

Throughout school I was known as the skinny little kid with absolutely no muscle or self esteem for that matter. I became very self conscious quickly after being known as the small one. It bothered me a lot but was something I kept quiet to myself. Once I left school I stopped all sports, I found myself wondering what was the next path I was going to go down. I knew it was time work on myself and try to build my confidence, I wasn’t happy with how I looked physically so I joined the Gym. I had a friend who had similar goals to me which made it easier to be consistent throughout the summer holidays. Looking back we had no clue about nutrition or any structure to our training but it was fun doing something different.

I went back to college and this is when things started to change. So many people commented on my progress and this was the turning point. It gave me a sense of empowerment and made me feel good about myself, this is something I wasn’t used to. As time went on I really found my purpose, It felt like I had my competitive streak back again but this time it was more solo instead of team-based.

So over the years I wondered how I can start sharing my passion with other people and having a positive impact on other peoples lives as well as my own, which is why I became a Personal Trainer.

As of Monday 6th March I started my Prep for my Debut Physique competition, I will be posting my full journey including, Training, Nutrition, Mindset and lifestyle.

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Overcoming an Injury

So as many of you who follow me on social media have noticed that I recently injured my Pec (chest) and has pretty much brought my Training and progress to a stop.

I was going for a PB at 140kg Flat bench press for 8 reps, got to rep 4…..PING. I had been carrying a niggle for a while so its my fault that I ignored and trained around it but lesson learnt. Straight away I knew I’d done something pretty serious because it was literally on fire and I could hardly move my arm. I sat out and let it rest for 7 days whilst it was inflamed and tender.

After having a week of agony I went to a local Physio who have been amazing and helped out a lot with my rehab/recovery. They predicted I was going to be out for 12 weeks… I was gutted. It took me ages to look on the positive because it felt like I had so long before I could train again. So many thoughts flying around my head…

  • Spinning wheels in the best part of the year to grow muscle
  • I’m not getting any younger
  • I hate doing nothing
  • I lost my purpose when I didn’t have training to look forward to.
  • Will I ever train again?
  • I’m meant to be competing this year!

All these stupid things that were eating me up which I know isn’t a great mindset but after a while that’s all you know.

I started to be able to stretch it and receive more treatment (dry needling).

Back in the game….kinda.

Ive started to move my chest again with some floor presses and chest stretches. It feels great to see progress again and feel like my injury is actually getting better. If I had a gun to my head and got asked how long until I’m 100% again?? 5 weeks.

Maintaining a healthy diet without training has been hard but I’ve got a good balance. My progress up until my injury was the best it’s ever been and I think that’s why it frustrated me the most. Ive been hitting legs x2 per week and doing a lot of cardio whilst focusing more on business.


The reason I wrote this BLOG is because everyone gets injured and experience set backs and hardships but I just wanted to share my story and how it made me feel total shit but some how I found a way to keep moving. I know there is more to life than gym but to me it’s much more…I use this place to escape and outlet my problems. I shut off and can’t hear anything other than thoughts in my head.

Stay Motivated – Patient – Hungry.


What measures are you taking to get results?

This blog will be about what distance are you willing to go to achieve results…

Being January 2018 still I believe it’s a relevant topic to see who is still persisting with their goals and who is dropping off already. From my personal experience the more I train and improve I learn that you need to up your level of sacrifice and dedication to get to that next level.

When I first started I just lifted for casual gains and fun. The more beginner gains and progress I made I became addicted to picking up compliments and being validated by so many people who wouldn’t usually give me the time of day. I felt like I had a strong purpose. The more time as gone on it’s just spiralled into a career and passion of mine. I know my vision and where I want to be but I know I need to make big sacrifices and set aside time for myself.

Not everyone wants to make fitness their main goal and purpose but if you truly want to make a change then you need to accept change and lifestyle adaptations because you can’t eat shit and train when you want to. You NEED to have a balanced diet and train consistently.

Nutrition – Cheat meals – Science – STOP WATCHING OTHER PEOPLE.

I’ll start by saying that the more I train and harder I work it leaves me more choice in the kitchen? madness people say. I know everyone thinks that gym is chicken and broc with no social life but I really believe that’s bullsh*t. I have a few cheats per week and never say no to friends depending on arrangements. Obviously being more active and consistently training is what keeps me in somewhat shape.

Cheats – Make sure you don’t take the piss and adapt your day accordingly. If you know your out later make sure you have a high protein/low carb day. If you can get protein in the cheat then bonus.

Watching others – Don’t let what others do affect your methods purely because so many people are different. People have different body comps (muscle mass etc) and it has so many variables with body type, genetics, lifestyle, metabolism so don’t be that guy who says….”Well my mate eats shit and he isn’t fat”….your mate is different to you. Deal with it.

I hope this has helped a few people and killed some thought processes and myths.

Train Hard – Eat Balanced – DO YOU – Go the distance – GET RESULTS ❤


How do you battle being self conscious?

How do you battle on being self conscious?

Left picture – Self conscious and hated myself.

Right picture – Best shape I’ve ever had and couldn’t feel better.

Being self conscious these days seems to be the biggest motivator in the fitness industry from my personal experience and I can see exactly why. People have such quick access to social media which is flooded with people in ridiculous freaky shape. It’s almost become compulsory to be in shape and the pressure has definitely become more intense.

When being shape means more to you than just looking good it becomes a lot easier to follow up on. I remember when I first started the gym and I always had that constant desire to improve and feel comfortable in my own body. It helped me speak to girls, not worry about public scenarios and I actually felt some what accepted.

Working hard on yourself and actually investing time and money will bring long term happiness. It’s very easy to ignore the real issue and cover it up with shiny objects but that’ll only last a certain amount of time before you feel empty again. You have to lock down the foundations before worrying about spraying cash on cars clothes and holidays (in my opinion)

Life is too short to be scared to take your top off at the beach or worry about pictures being uploaded that you might not look perfect in. Lets be honest it’s who can catch the best angle anyway haha.

Why should you be taking supplements?

Too many people often rely on supplements and think the more money they spend on these magic products the bigger they will get. I often see people review Whey protein and say things like ‘This stuff really works, I gained 4 lbs in a week”!!! If it’s just protein then I struggle to see how this happens but that’s not the point.

Often companies want to draw attention with fancy labels and marketing especially for beginners who don’t have the knowledge to structure a diet before buying ‘the good stuff’ (SERIOUS MASSGAINERS)

When should you take supplements?

Supplements should be implemented if your deficient in a certain Vitamin or mineral. It’s also a great way to add in flavoursome tastes into your diet for example ‘Protein porridge’…Recipe to follow in another blog.

It also should be something that is a bonus or added for convienance…for example if you’re running late its easier to swig a protein shake instead of cooking up some chicken but with this said do not substitute shakes for food because in my opinion nothing is more nutritious than food.

How do you know if a supplement is worth buying or not?

That’s the struggle in most cases that people get frustrated with spending £50 on a tub of protein that takes like sh*t but that’s the risk..obviously. Over the years and a lot of money wasted I’ve found the best ones that work for me. Stay tuned as I’ll release a video or another blog with a full review (Too much information to divulge here).

You don’t NEED supplements.

Just a little reality check to finish with that you don’t NEED supplements to make gains or physical progress. Eating a structured balanced diet in-line with your goals will be enough to make solid progress. Some people use supplements to break through plateaus which in my opinion isn’t true, it will enable you to consume more calories easier but that’s it.

I hope this Blog has re-assured you in some way.

Stay tuned for more BLOGS.

Focusing on what really matters.

If like me you’re focused on a goal then it can be very difficult to focus around the noise of life. What do I mean by that? Well… will throw some grenades your way from time to time. It’s up to YOU to be able to deal with these and not lose track of what your trying to achieve.

I personally struggle to juggle business growth, personal progress and finding productive material to help me progress in all areas. I know it doesn’t seem that bigger deal but for me I’m my worst enemy in my head. I make out situations to be worse than what they are. It’s got a lot better as time has gone but something I still need to work on.

Focusing on what really matters in your life is such an important thing from my personal experience because no one else is going to live your life for you, you can’t spend your days just pleasing everyone else and not yourself. Putting in hours and hours on your craft is important if you want to achieve.

Time is not refundable guys and girls so don’t waste it.

Matt x


Getting away from the usual “Routine”

Spending time away from the usual Daily routine.

Having time away from your routine can be the difference in helping stay sane. It’s easy to get caught up in rushing around with work and careers without spending time away and thinking about what really matters to you. For example once a month I love to get away to explore and send some time behind the camera.

People talk themselves into failure.

Often people and clients will be so tough on themselves and not give themselves credit for making progress. The more time you spend being hard on yourself is wasted time you can spend on trying to work towards a goal. Kicking yourself all week about missing a session or eating too much on the weekend is often enough to write off a few weeks and then that’s when weight gain will spiral out of control.

Having a balance that works for you only.

Factors to consider when looking for a healthy lifestyle balance.

  • Everyone enjoys different things so don’t think one way is the best way.
  • Everyone has different lifestyles with career, kids and time commitments.
  • It’s not one size fits all.
  • Better balance gives a better chance to be consistent for longer.

Going too crazy with exercise and food can see short-term benefits but it all counts for nothing if you can’t sustain it for more than 3-4 weeks. You need to work hard on trying to find a balance that you enjoy and keep up.

Matt  x


5 Things to expect If you want to make Gains.

Whilst being into fitness I’ve discovered through personal experiences and through my clients that you’ll come across various problems and obstacles when trying to make gains. Here are MY 5 things to expect…

1 – Be prepared to put in the hours! 

For some reason people try put the least amount of hours in to get the most benefit. You have to accept that the process isn’t a part time affair and that you’ll have to carve out time each day around your busy lifestyle to make things happen. After all if you don’t work hard on a consistent basis then things won’t ever change.

2 – Understand this shit can be tough! 

Before you get started you gain momentum about how exciting it is to start making gains, most of the time it a run of events that you see and then there is a ”lightbulb moment” when you think YES I’m going to start getting fit. It’s so easy to visualise positive things when everything is going to plan but the real test is when everything comes crashing down, problems with your family, job, friends, money…scales start to go back up and fitness starts to fade. It’s in the time of adversity that you’ll either quit or step up and get back on track. In my opinion from what I’ve witnessed this is where most people quit.

3 – Train smarter….not harder! 

Day by day I’m seeing a lot of people in the gym every day but making no changes, doing the same weight, same exercises which logically would mean they look the SAME. It’s great that you turn up on a consistent basis but you have to also execute well in the time you spend in the gym. Train relevant to the goal, if you need to drop body fat introduce cardio, if you want to put weight on introduce compound lifts. Smashing the gym doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been productive.

Quick example – If you went to the gym and did 1000 bicep curls with 5kg without rest your arms would be exhausted…would this benefit you in anyway? nope.

4 – Expect a bumpy ride!

Like most things in life you have to take the rough with the smooth and same applies to fitness, you will get set backs like injuries, illnesses and all those fun things. THAT’S LIFE. But it’s how you bounce back that make’s the difference. Don’t write the week off because you had a bad start to the week, writing off 5 days instead of training is straight up mind boggling to me.

5 – This shit takes time!

Although a lot can change in a short period of time it can also take time to adapt to a different lifestyle, you can’t expect to walk into a new job and know everything, it’s the same with fitness. Small victories mean a lot more than just trying to understand everything at once, improving nutrition and training is a good place to start before worrying about supplements, macros, carb cycling, strength cycles etc. Nail the basics before trying to take on the world.

Play the long game. Step up in hard times. Enjoy the ride.

Matt x


What motivates you?!

In this day everyone has aspirations to become Instagram famous and shake the internet with getting paid by companies just to post on their social media. It’s become very obvious to me that a lot of people have got caught in trying to act the way that people think they should act to get somewhere.

You only have to scroll through your feed to see people writing bullshit quotes and words that in my opinion has no relevance to anyone let alone themselves. Don’t get me wrong I’ve done this before but I like to think that what I post is how I genuinely feel in real life and that’s what I believe in. It’s easy to post a picture with a quote saying ”Live everyday as if it was your last” but let’s be honest no one ever does.

People always harp on about team no days off and how there grinding but really people are just trying to come across as a hard worker when all there doing is no more than the next guy because people think its fashionable and attractive to post about how much they hustle.

What’s the point of this blog you say?

I still believe that trying to motivate others is a very powerful thing and it should be used in such a way that you help others that are struggling or aspiring to achieve what you have BUT make no mistakes it need’s to be totally transparent. Don’t post about eating clean and training hard but then eat a fat cheat meal and don’t post about it (classic example)

You need to find out what motivates you and resinates with your personality before scrolling through the internet and soaking up all this bullshit. I personally only follow a few people in fitness that motivate me – I’ll follow people that live the life I want and real talk instead of trying to lie to people because ‘their sponsors won’t like me saying that’ or ‘people might judge me if I post about pizza’

At the end of the day if you want something as much as you preach then you won’t need constant motivation – of course you have good and bad days but you can’t instil motivation into someone via fashionable quotes.

What’s my next move?……Project…

Project Pro card.

As mentioned before I’ve spent time reflecting on my first competition and its lit a fire that I can only describe as a bonfire!

It’s made me realise that this is the direction I want to take my fitness, I’m going to keep progressing with my physique and get my pro card.

What is a pro card?

Basically achieving a pro card is winning a qualifier and finals competition. Once you’ve done that it gives you an invitation to compete internationally with the top competitors around the world.

How am I going to achieve this?

Getting a pro card is by no means easy but I have such a clear visual of it happening. I feel so confident that it’s just a matter of time before I reach this goal. I know it’s going to be tough but I know for a fact I WILL achieve this. I plan to spend the next 5 years sacrificing everything to make sure I get there. It will be very intense, long days, eating out of tupperware, getting flack for being boring but that’s just my standard lifestyle so no change at all 🙂

Why am I doing this?

Since I grew up I’ve gone through phases where I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my fitness career – I know I enjoy helping others but I need something to compete in because I thrive of competition and since leaving school I’ve missed that the most. When I experienced the buzz I got from competing it’s just confirmed how I feel about the sport. If I don’t get my pro card I would of felt like I’ve failed and not fulfilled my potential which isn’t how I want to feel.

I have a clear vision.

I have such a clear vision as to how I’m going to make this happen that it already feels like it’s a matter of time, some people are going to laugh and think I’m crazy but that’s fine. I’m not asking for anyone’s approval or opinion as to why I think like this or is it even possible.

In life everyone is wired up differently. Whatever your looking to achieve or get from life is totally up to you. I’m making sure I’m living my life totally on my terms and how I want to live it. I’m not scared of making sacrifice or missing out on certain memories because I know why I’m doing this and what it’s going to lead to.

Thanks again for anyone that reads this and I hope it brings Excitement, Motivation and most of all a reason for you kickstart your own fitness journey.

Mad love people x

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