How it all started…

From an early age I was always into sport. When I went to secondary school I did almost every sport, you name it i did it. I enjoyed being apart of a team. My problem was I lazy therefore I was not interested in training. I was only interesting in the end result rather than actually grinding out the hard work in training.

Throughout school I was known as the skinny little kid with absolutely no muscle or self esteem for that matter. I became very self conscious quickly after being known as the small one. It bothered me a lot but was something I kept quiet to myself. Once I left school I stopped all sports, I found myself wondering what was the next path I was going to go down. I knew it was time work on myself and try to build my confidence, I wasn’t happy with how I looked physically so I joined the Gym. I had a friend who had similar goals to me which made it easier to be consistent throughout the summer holidays. Looking back we had no clue about nutrition or any structure to our training but it was fun doing something different.

I went back to college and this is when things started to change. So many people commented on my progress and this was the turning point. It gave me a sense of empowerment and made me feel good about myself, this is something I wasn’t used to. As time went on I really found my purpose, It felt like I had my competitive streak back again but this time it was more solo instead of team-based.

So over the years I wondered how I can start sharing my passion with other people and having a positive impact on other peoples lives as well as my own, which is why I became a Personal Trainer.

As of Monday 6th March I started my Prep for my Debut Physique competition, I will be posting my full journey including, Training, Nutrition, Mindset and lifestyle.

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