Why I find it easy to be consistent.

When I first started the gym is was a feeling I can’t describe, it felt like I had discovered a sport that was impossible to complete but yet had so much room for gradual progression. I love the fact that what you put into it is exactly what you get out. The only way to be successful in the gym is to work hard. Period.

I see all to often people in the gym looking miserable and complaining about how boring exercise is, finding excuses to cut their workouts short. If you look at the gym as a chore or something you NEED to do because it makes you feel accepted then your simply setting yourself up to fail.

The real reason I find it so easy to be consistent is that I genuinely love the gym, I count down the hours until my next workout and give everything I have. I don’t have to train, I don’t have to make sacrifices, I choose to because I enjoy it. When you have a genuine passion for something it becomes natural to keep it up and be consistent. Strip away that and you’re simply fighting a losing battle.

In fitness consistency is a huge factor to making progress, no one is forcing you to show up.



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