3 Tips on how to lean Bulk.

1 – ‘Eating clean calories instead of Manufactured foods’

To bulk/Build muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus which means you need to consume more calories than you burn on a consistent basis to gain weight, with this said eating fast food and ice cream isn’t going to build you muscle. Having high protein/complex carbohydrates/Healthy fats will. Typically all these foods have been grown or had a human hand to help them instead of manufactured or manipulated in someway to taste nice or last longer on a shop shelf.

Typical clean Calorie Meal – Chicken Breast/Sweet potato/Broccoli.

2 – ‘Cardio’

Typically it’s frowned upon to do cardio whilst bulking because your burning calories that could be used valuably to add muscle. With a few variables like body type and appetite hitting cardio is very beneficial specially if carried out ‘Fasted’ in the AM. It’s a good tool to have because if you stay fairly lean whilst adding muscle you can see visible changes whereas if you added unnecessary body fat it will cover up potential ‘Gains’. Personally I’d like to see my body change shape year round and not just when I’m leaning down for a show or holiday.

3 – ‘Don’t overeat because your bulking’

A lot of people tend to over eat and slam calories because they get caught up on bulking, so that must mean they need to eat everything in sight, In my opinion it’s not the case. If you consistently eat more calories than your burning with good clean food then you’ll add weight as long as your training is also in line with goals aswell (Progressive Overload – Blog to come). Eating consistently throughout the day and getting a good Pre/Post workout meal is also a big factor as that’s the part in the day where your going to need most energy.

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