Invest in yourself….


I can’t stress this enough. People will go through life trying to please others at their own expense, which can be a very selfless thing to do, however I believe that you need to invest in yourself before trying to please others.

I struggle to understand people willing to spend extortionate money on materialistic items that brings absolutely no value to their life, just a status that doesn’t represent who they truly are, but they won’t invest in their health or wellbeing. I feel passionate about being confident and self-contentment before buying materials that mask underlying issues.

If more people were willing to actually invest in themselves whether that means bringing in a personal trainer, Running coach, Nutritionist or friend to workout with, I am almost certain that you will have short and long term changes in all areas of life, which is only going to have a positive affect….right?

If you can lay on strong foundations and build on them once you feel 100% confident in your own body, then surely you will be in a better place to connect with others in my opinion.

Talking from personal experience, since I have been going to the gym, I have transformed from a skinny shy boy who would struggle to hold a conversation into a confident guy who can talk to both genders and all ages without a problem. It’s not just about weight loss or getting big in the gym, there are a lot of people that go to the gym that are battling something. It’s a great outlet and place to improve you and switch off from the world.

Love yourself before you let other love you.

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