Progress is everything….

What is your definition of progress?

Progress doesn’t always have to be losing weight or building muscle. You can easily get disheartened by not reaching a goal but if committing to something makes you increase your effort towards that goal then surely that’s progress…? If your target is to earn 50k per year by the age of 25 but you fall short by 5k but you worked your arse off for it, having that vision increased your work rate thus making better progress than not trying at all. Taking a positive out of a failure is a powerful thing.

How can we track progress?

As a personal trainer I’m going to use weight loss as an example but you can apply this to anything in life.

  • Target weight loss – 2 stone
  • Weigh yourself on day 1.
  • Give yourself a tough but possible deadline day.
  • Map out possible events that might hinder your progress.
  • Spend everyday going after that goal and don’t settle for anything else.

Mapping out a timeline of goals is a good way to feel like you have a good routine and structure which a lot of people respond well to because it doesn’t feel random and lucky. There’s nothing worse than wondering if you’ve lost weight or not, if you’re eating like you should and exercising like you should then weight loss SHOULD occur. It’s not an accident people lose weight after all.


I thrive off making progress and seeing changes because that’s what excites me, not everyone is the same. People will be very quick to quit and be hard on themselves when things are just about to change. Being consistent throughout the times when you want to quit will make the difference between achieving what you want or just giving up.

Progress is everything…..

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