It won’t happen overnight…

If your trying to lose weight or build muscle some people think there is a quick fix when the harsh reality is… can take a while.

How long does it take to lose 2 stone? 

How long is a piece of string? When this question commonly gets asked I laugh inside because there are so many variables that people oversee :-

  • How much weigh before you start?
  • Fitness background?
  • How much work your willing to put in?
  • How serious your going to take the process?
  • Medical/Injury history?
  • What body type are you?

You can drop a lot of weight quite quickly but this isn’t always most affective because you can plateau easier and regress back into weight gain. Losing weight slowly and consistently is the most affective.

How advertising can F*CK your head.

Nowadays marketing and advertising are designed to shock you and create a feeling of “Wow look at that guy who lost 3 stone in 3 weeks taking them pills”. Its all ways to make more money off people who are vulnerable and don’t have the knowledge to know how long it really takes. People will happily invest in buying products and quick fixes to cut out the hard work because hernandez from brazil got great results on some random website.

Find your formula.

I say with all my clients we need to find the formula that works for you to either lose weight or build muscle but maintain a social friendly lifestyle because let’s be honest, life is too short to just eat chicken and veg. There can be various different methods on finding your formula:-

  • x3 weighted gym sessions per week
  • x2 Fasted power walks
  • Boxing class
  • 6:1 Ratio with clean eating
  • More volume training
  • Circuit based training.
  • Progress overload

All types of training that your body will respond well too.

It won’t happen overnight.

I want to conclude this short blog with saying that nothing in life is a quick fix and changing your body is the same. If you eat well and train hard then you will lose weight, simple as that. Giving up before you even give the process a chance is a big problem with why people never see results. Be consistent and show up everyday and I guarantee you will get to where you want to be.

– Don’t cry to give up, Cry to keep moving forward.



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