Chasing a dream….

Chasing a dream.

When you have a clear dream in you’re head it’s easy to get distracted by things that will get in the way. You can lose sight of what the dream is or why your even chasing it in the first place. Let’s be honest how many people say “I’d love to live in a big house,lovely car and not have to work” but these same people will literally do nothing to back that up. It’s what people call a “pipeline dream”

Don’t listen to anyone about YOUR dreams.

It’s rare that people will be able to relate to your personal goals and dreams because their quick to judge and shut it down because they don’t think its possible. If you risk by living your life on what other people think is possible then you’ll get no where in life. I’m sure when Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook there was people telling him that it can’t be done, Don’t think we need to mention how well that business is doing.

Grab onto it with two hands and don’t let go.

When you’re clear with what your chasing then don’t stop until you achieve it.

  • Don’t slow down for anyone
  • Don’t doubt yourself
  • Don’t listen to negative bullshit
  • Live life on your terms
  • Don’t quit.

In life good people will come and go and it’s up to you to realise what’s worth keeping and what’s pulling you back. Wrapping yourself around positive people that will have a positive affect on your personal goals can help a lot. A solid support network can make the difference for some people especially if you start to doubt yourself, everyone needs a kick up the arse from time to time.

Stay hungry and forever chase your dream.

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