Don’t be scared to fall…

I remember when I wanted to join the gym but it took about 2 weeks to even pluck up the courage to do a induction let alone a proper session. I was petrified that everyone was just going to stare at how skinny I was. Confidence was low and I just felt like I had no business being in a gym.

After finally taking the plunge I signed up to Virgin active and hit my first “chest session” it honestly kicked my arse. I had no structure or no idea what I was doing but I just tried to work as hard as possible. I remember leaving that day feeling lightheaded and dizzy and thought “I ain’t doing that again”, I woke up the next morning with the most incredible muscle ache known to man but I loved it, this was the turning point.

Over the years as time has gone on fitness went from being a confidence booster to a hobby and now its my passion and career. It’s not a choir and I don’t feel like I have to do this, i simply do it because I love it.

Most people get scared off by the thought of even starting something their scared off and some people will never overcome that but tackling a fear head on is the best way to overcome it. It’s always the things your most scared of that serve the most benefit…Here is a little example. I’ve wanted to start my own Youtube channel for a while now but played it safe with this BLOG instead. I know that I’d get more benefit from Youtube but I’m still building myself to film videos and talk into a camera.

Please don’t be scared of falling over and getting back up again because life is too short to be scared of doing the things that will have the most positive affect on your life. I don’t need to remind you that time waits for no one and it’s constant so make the most of it because you surely won’t get it back.

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