Don’t panic…

This Blog is all about how you don’t have to panic if your plan doesn’t go the way you want it to.

When people set out to gain muscle or lose weight a really big part of that journey is nutrition. It’s vital that you eat in line with your goals and being consistent blah blah blah, BUT life can also get in the way. Common example is social events popping up or emergencies and not being able to eat or having to grab something quick and convenient to save time.

The problem we have when people deviate from there plan is they think the world is over and there isn’t much point carrying on, this causes a crash in dieting and forces people to quit. Again this is a big reason why people’s weight will fluctuate so easily because consistency isn’t happening.

What would be my advice? 

With my clients I can’t stress enough that I want them to eat clean and healthy but also have some treats and cheats along the way. I’d recommend having 1 blow out per week. This will give you something to look forward to but not only that, once you’ve had the cheat meal most people say they feel bloated and guilty which resets you for another good clean week’s of eating.

Make your cheat meal is social.

A good tip is to make your cheat meal an event instead of something you do by yourself. It allows you to be social and enjoy it more instead of hiding away and eating by yourself. Creating memories and seeing places whilst losing weight is by far a lot better than slogging out a full week in the gym and just laying on the sofa with a pizza, go into town and really enjoy what you’ve earnt.

Why is a healthy balance important?

If you spend your life being scared of food or depriving yourself then it will make you want things more. This is how eating disorders and food intolerances happen because people become immune to wanting to eat because their scared of putting weight back on. Finding your balance between healthy food but maintaining a social life is something a lot of people can sustain long term instead of ‘YOYO dieting’

There are 2 options you have when you slip up on your diet.

OPTION 1 – Slip up and cry about it for rest of the week and put more weight on.

OPTION 2 – Enjoy your treats, work your arse off in the gym and accept that life isn’t always perfect but you can always change it in the future.

I’d advise the 2nd option.

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