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Transforming your physique can be a difficult but rewarding process, it’s rare these days that people will consistently engage in raw hard work without trying to cut corners. In this blog I’m going to give my opinion on things to bare in mind when trying to transform…

Accept failure

On every journey there will be failure along the way, its inevitable. If you let this affect your grind then you’ve lost. Not everything is going to be easy and go perfectly but it’s how you react to these failures and turn them into strengths. I personally learn the most when I fail so brush yourself off and keep pushing forward, no one achieved anything by quitting.

Be hungry to make progress.

You have to always look at your progression because it can be very dangerous to think you’ll get 3 months or even 3 years into your journey and haven’t changed whatsoever, if this is the case then your clearly doing something wrong. Logically if you lift the same weight and eat the same you’ll look the same. Things that should be improving naturally –

  • Increase in weight your lifting
  • Lower rest times needed
  • Notice visual changes
  • Clothes fit different
  • Overall fitness levels increased
  • Noticeable weight gain/weight loss.

Be ok to sacrifice. 

In times when your trying to achieve something that most people can’t then you need to be prepared to sacrifice things that most people won’t. You can’t expect to lose weight by going out every night drinking alcohol and eating fast food, that’s not how it works i’m afraid. Somewhere along the line you need to balance social and life in the gym. The sooner you get comfortable with being able to say NO and work on yourself especially short term whilst trying to make big steps.

Engage in consistent action.

If you want to become a football player then you’ll have to practise at least 5/6 days a week, it’s the same with fitness. If you want to build a physique like the guy/girl you admire on Instagram then you need to work hard for it. You HAVE to engage in consistent action over years. The famous saying goes ”Rome wasn’t built in a day”. You don’t accidentally wake up one morning with your dream body so pull your sleeves up and earn it.

Embrace change.

The sooner you get used to your lifestyle changing the better, i made the mistake by just letting myself get comfortable and working at 60% work rate and not come to terms with what is actually needed to transform myself. Things I did to ensure change –

  • Make fitness my priority
  • Change my daily nutrition consistently
  • Made sure I worked hard 7 days a week not 5
  • Stop spreading myself to thin with multiple hobbies
  • Cut out people who held me back
  • Wrapped myself in positive people
  • Was hungry to learn and try new things.

Overall when transforming your physique it can be F*cking tough but it’s the most rewarding thing i’ve ever come across. It’s not just about having a six pack and looking good. It’s made me into a much more confident person which has helped me in my career. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

I’ve only just got started……

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