What I gained from transforming….

When I first started the gym I was terribly self conscious and just felt like I had no presence wherever I went. My first workout was with a few friends showing me the ropes at Virgin active, We trained chest and let’s say it didn’t go well……I was sick when I got home. I remember my mum told me to wear a vest because I was going to get hot and when I arrived I instantly knew it was the wrong decision because everyone had so much muscle which made me feel even more shit.

I woke up the next morning sore and could hardly put on a T-shirt but I wanted to go back for more so I ended up joining up for 1 year. As years have gone on the passion has only grown fonder and I’ve managed to turn my passion into a career.

As I started to change shape and make tiny amounts of progress and people would compliment me and notice some change, this was a big turning point at first as to why I carried on because I enjoyed the buzz out of hearing positive feedback…specially from females.

This gave me a massive confidence boost and made it a lot easier to talk to girls which really wasn’t my strong point when I was younger. It helped me interview for jobs and generally hold a conversation with someone without struggling to speak with intent. When I first started the gym I just wanted to slap on some muscle but I never expected it to lead into self esteem and confidence in all areas of my life.

People these days chase the goal to look good naked but gaining confidence and improving your lifestyle outside of the iron paradise is definitely something I value a lot more.

I’m now carrying on my mission to change lives inside the gym and outside. I want people to experience the joy I’ve had because money can’t buy happiness or confidence.

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