Stop shying away from food.

If your like me who has a sweet tooth and loves there food then this BLOG will be a great read for you.

In fitness these days there are so many companies trying to sell you protein treats to create a sensation that if a bar contains 20g of protein then its healthy? WRONG, yes its a lot better than having a mars bar but people seem to be swapping out actual food for these products. Before I go any further NOTHING beats fresh whole foods.

You can’t expect to make gains if your eating a protein bar for breakfast and protein cookie for lunch, that’s not how a balanced diet works. You need to make sure your hitting a good level of Protein/Carbs/Fats split from food.

I take the approach that my body is a Ferrari (kinda) you wouldn’t expect to drive a 500 mile trip without petrol would you? It’s the same with your body, you can’t expect to function off no food so you HAVE to fuel the body with the correct nutrients.

The point of this Blog is that yes, you can have these treats specially if your craving something sketchy because you factor them into a balanced diet but what I’m seeing all too often is people plugging products that are inferior to actual food.

Train your arse off but make sure you’re fuelling your body good quality food with the treats on top.

Peace x

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