Men’s Physique debut 4th place…

After having worked my arse for a year for this show I can honestly say now it’s done that I’ve loved every minute of the Journey. It exceeded everything I thought it was going to be. I’ve missed being competitive in sport for such a long time but now I feel like I’ve found a sport where I can continually get better and better.

Having placed 4th out of a tough 14 competitors I feel like the day went well for my first show but I am gutted I didn’t get top 3…it hurts every time I think about the day. I know naturally people keep saying it’s only your first comp so it’s really good, but the competitive side of me really burns inside.

Having this failure in front of me has given me a scary amount of fire ambition to grow and be ready for next year. I will grind my arse off and return next year with a much BIGGER and FULLER physique to show off. Personally I think i could of been bigger and brought another 5% condition but its a learning curve at the end of the day.

Thing’s i’ll take away from this experience is priceless, I’ve learnt more about my own body and how it reacts with different foods and how active I have to be to get lean.

I’m very aware that the only way I’m going to win this next year is by simply out working every competitor on stage. I won’t get distracted or lose motivation in these next 12 months because I want this so bad. I want to know I was the best on the day of my next competition by a clear mile and hard work will get me there.

Having seen people travel 2 hours to watch me live out a goal of mine is so humbling. I always feel like I’m wasting peoples time or scared people won’t enjoy it but all that aside I’m so grateful for anyone who has supported me and helped me through this journey, with individuals pressuring me into signing up and people encouraging me when I doubted myself – without these people I would of probably still been talking about it and not actually DOING IT.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me and read this BLOG. Mad love always.

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