Cut out the distractions….

Whatever path you choose to take there will be distractions along the way. 90% of people will entertain them distractions and take there primary focus off what they first set out to achieve.

I strongly believe that if you spent all your time wasted getting distracted on your task in hand then the outcome would be very different.

What do I mean getting distracted? I’ll give you my example…

Throughout my fitness journey (like everyone) I’ve had the usual knock backs people saying I can’t do things and I can’t get bigger because ”I’m just built to be skinny” and FRIENDS saying I’m obsessed with the gym and saying I have no life. These are things coming from the people who are meant to support you the most right?  If I let these distract me I wouldn’t of been where I am today and that scares me.

On the flipside people that are noticing I’ve made somewhat fairly decent gains are turning around and saying ”Your lucky aren’t you with being broad and putting on weight” If only people knew what it took to grow and change your body.

Whatever you set out to achieve in your life, expect people saying negative things and question why your doing it because to some ‘normal’ people it seem strange. I never expected my mum to understand me getting up at 5am to get my first meal in me but she just went with it.

If your definitely sure what you want in life just listen to your heart and seek advice from people you trust that’ll genuinely have your best interest in mind. Cut out the noise and just spend time focusing on thing’s that’ll push you closer to where you want to be.

Much love x


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