What motivates you?!

In this day everyone has aspirations to become Instagram famous and shake the internet with getting paid by companies just to post on their social media. It’s become very obvious to me that a lot of people have got caught in trying to act the way that people think they should act to get somewhere.

You only have to scroll through your feed to see people writing bullshit quotes and words that in my opinion has no relevance to anyone let alone themselves. Don’t get me wrong I’ve done this before but I like to think that what I post is how I genuinely feel in real life and that’s what I believe in. It’s easy to post a picture with a quote saying ”Live everyday as if it was your last” but let’s be honest no one ever does.

People always harp on about team no days off and how there grinding but really people are just trying to come across as a hard worker when all there doing is no more than the next guy because people think its fashionable and attractive to post about how much they hustle.

What’s the point of this blog you say?

I still believe that trying to motivate others is a very powerful thing and it should be used in such a way that you help others that are struggling or aspiring to achieve what you have BUT make no mistakes it need’s to be totally transparent. Don’t post about eating clean and training hard but then eat a fat cheat meal and don’t post about it (classic example)

You need to find out what motivates you and resinates with your personality before scrolling through the internet and soaking up all this bullshit. I personally only follow a few people in fitness that motivate me – I’ll follow people that live the life I want and real talk instead of trying to lie to people because ‘their sponsors won’t like me saying that’ or ‘people might judge me if I post about pizza’

At the end of the day if you want something as much as you preach then you won’t need constant motivation – of course you have good and bad days but you can’t instil motivation into someone via fashionable quotes.

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