Why should you be taking supplements?

Too many people often rely on supplements and think the more money they spend on these magic products the bigger they will get. I often see people review Whey protein and say things like ‘This stuff really works, I gained 4 lbs in a week”!!! If it’s just protein then I struggle to see how this happens but that’s not the point.

Often companies want to draw attention with fancy labels and marketing especially for beginners who don’t have the knowledge to structure a diet before buying ‘the good stuff’ (SERIOUS MASSGAINERS)

When should you take supplements?

Supplements should be implemented if your deficient in a certain Vitamin or mineral. It’s also a great way to add in flavoursome tastes into your diet for example ‘Protein porridge’…Recipe to follow in another blog.

It also should be something that is a bonus or added for convienance…for example if you’re running late its easier to swig a protein shake instead of cooking up some chicken but with this said do not substitute shakes for food because in my opinion nothing is more nutritious than food.

How do you know if a supplement is worth buying or not?

That’s the struggle in most cases that people get frustrated with spending £50 on a tub of protein that takes like sh*t but that’s the risk..obviously. Over the years and a lot of money wasted I’ve found the best ones that work for me. Stay tuned as I’ll release a video or another blog with a full review (Too much information to divulge here).

You don’t NEED supplements.

Just a little reality check to finish with that you don’t NEED supplements to make gains or physical progress. Eating a structured balanced diet in-line with your goals will be enough to make solid progress. Some people use supplements to break through plateaus which in my opinion isn’t true, it will enable you to consume more calories easier but that’s it.

I hope this Blog has re-assured you in some way.

Stay tuned for more BLOGS.

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