How do you battle being self conscious?

How do you battle on being self conscious?

Left picture – Self conscious and hated myself.

Right picture – Best shape I’ve ever had and couldn’t feel better.

Being self conscious these days seems to be the biggest motivator in the fitness industry from my personal experience and I can see exactly why. People have such quick access to social media which is flooded with people in ridiculous freaky shape. It’s almost become compulsory to be in shape and the pressure has definitely become more intense.

When being shape means more to you than just looking good it becomes a lot easier to follow up on. I remember when I first started the gym and I always had that constant desire to improve and feel comfortable in my own body. It helped me speak to girls, not worry about public scenarios and I actually felt some what accepted.

Working hard on yourself and actually investing time and money will bring long term happiness. It’s very easy to ignore the real issue and cover it up with shiny objects but that’ll only last a certain amount of time before you feel empty again. You have to lock down the foundations before worrying about spraying cash on cars clothes and holidays (in my opinion)

Life is too short to be scared to take your top off at the beach or worry about pictures being uploaded that you might not look perfect in. Lets be honest it’s who can catch the best angle anyway haha.

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