Stop shying away from food.

If your like me who has a sweet tooth and loves there food then this BLOG will be a great read for you.

In fitness these days there are so many companies trying to sell you protein treats to create a sensation that if a bar contains 20g of protein then its healthy? WRONG, yes its a lot better than having a mars bar but people seem to be swapping out actual food for these products. Before I go any further NOTHING beats fresh whole foods.

You can’t expect to make gains if your eating a protein bar for breakfast and protein cookie for lunch, that’s not how a balanced diet works. You need to make sure your hitting a good level of Protein/Carbs/Fats split from food.

I take the approach that my body is a Ferrari (kinda) you wouldn’t expect to drive a 500 mile trip without petrol would you? It’s the same with your body, you can’t expect to function off no food so you HAVE to fuel the body with the correct nutrients.

The point of this Blog is that yes, you can have these treats specially if your craving something sketchy because you factor them into a balanced diet but what I’m seeing all too often is people plugging products that are inferior to actual food.

Train your arse off but make sure you’re fuelling your body good quality food with the treats on top.

Peace x

What I gained from transforming….

When I first started the gym I was terribly self conscious and just felt like I had no presence wherever I went. My first workout was with a few friends showing me the ropes at Virgin active, We trained chest and let’s say it didn’t go well……I was sick when I got home. I remember my mum told me to wear a vest because I was going to get hot and when I arrived I instantly knew it was the wrong decision because everyone had so much muscle which made me feel even more shit.

I woke up the next morning sore and could hardly put on a T-shirt but I wanted to go back for more so I ended up joining up for 1 year. As years have gone on the passion has only grown fonder and I’ve managed to turn my passion into a career.

As I started to change shape and make tiny amounts of progress and people would compliment me and notice some change, this was a big turning point at first as to why I carried on because I enjoyed the buzz out of hearing positive feedback…specially from females.

This gave me a massive confidence boost and made it a lot easier to talk to girls which really wasn’t my strong point when I was younger. It helped me interview for jobs and generally hold a conversation with someone without struggling to speak with intent. When I first started the gym I just wanted to slap on some muscle but I never expected it to lead into self esteem and confidence in all areas of my life.

People these days chase the goal to look good naked but gaining confidence and improving your lifestyle outside of the iron paradise is definitely something I value a lot more.

I’m now carrying on my mission to change lives inside the gym and outside. I want people to experience the joy I’ve had because money can’t buy happiness or confidence.

Don’t miss out..

Transforming your physique can be a difficult but rewarding process, it’s rare these days that people will consistently engage in raw hard work without trying to cut corners. In this blog I’m going to give my opinion on things to bare in mind when trying to transform…

Accept failure

On every journey there will be failure along the way, its inevitable. If you let this affect your grind then you’ve lost. Not everything is going to be easy and go perfectly but it’s how you react to these failures and turn them into strengths. I personally learn the most when I fail so brush yourself off and keep pushing forward, no one achieved anything by quitting.

Be hungry to make progress.

You have to always look at your progression because it can be very dangerous to think you’ll get 3 months or even 3 years into your journey and haven’t changed whatsoever, if this is the case then your clearly doing something wrong. Logically if you lift the same weight and eat the same you’ll look the same. Things that should be improving naturally –

  • Increase in weight your lifting
  • Lower rest times needed
  • Notice visual changes
  • Clothes fit different
  • Overall fitness levels increased
  • Noticeable weight gain/weight loss.

Be ok to sacrifice. 

In times when your trying to achieve something that most people can’t then you need to be prepared to sacrifice things that most people won’t. You can’t expect to lose weight by going out every night drinking alcohol and eating fast food, that’s not how it works i’m afraid. Somewhere along the line you need to balance social and life in the gym. The sooner you get comfortable with being able to say NO and work on yourself especially short term whilst trying to make big steps.

Engage in consistent action.

If you want to become a football player then you’ll have to practise at least 5/6 days a week, it’s the same with fitness. If you want to build a physique like the guy/girl you admire on Instagram then you need to work hard for it. You HAVE to engage in consistent action over years. The famous saying goes ”Rome wasn’t built in a day”. You don’t accidentally wake up one morning with your dream body so pull your sleeves up and earn it.

Embrace change.

The sooner you get used to your lifestyle changing the better, i made the mistake by just letting myself get comfortable and working at 60% work rate and not come to terms with what is actually needed to transform myself. Things I did to ensure change –

  • Make fitness my priority
  • Change my daily nutrition consistently
  • Made sure I worked hard 7 days a week not 5
  • Stop spreading myself to thin with multiple hobbies
  • Cut out people who held me back
  • Wrapped myself in positive people
  • Was hungry to learn and try new things.

Overall when transforming your physique it can be F*cking tough but it’s the most rewarding thing i’ve ever come across. It’s not just about having a six pack and looking good. It’s made me into a much more confident person which has helped me in my career. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

I’ve only just got started……

Don’t panic…

This Blog is all about how you don’t have to panic if your plan doesn’t go the way you want it to.

When people set out to gain muscle or lose weight a really big part of that journey is nutrition. It’s vital that you eat in line with your goals and being consistent blah blah blah, BUT life can also get in the way. Common example is social events popping up or emergencies and not being able to eat or having to grab something quick and convenient to save time.

The problem we have when people deviate from there plan is they think the world is over and there isn’t much point carrying on, this causes a crash in dieting and forces people to quit. Again this is a big reason why people’s weight will fluctuate so easily because consistency isn’t happening.

What would be my advice? 

With my clients I can’t stress enough that I want them to eat clean and healthy but also have some treats and cheats along the way. I’d recommend having 1 blow out per week. This will give you something to look forward to but not only that, once you’ve had the cheat meal most people say they feel bloated and guilty which resets you for another good clean week’s of eating.

Make your cheat meal is social.

A good tip is to make your cheat meal an event instead of something you do by yourself. It allows you to be social and enjoy it more instead of hiding away and eating by yourself. Creating memories and seeing places whilst losing weight is by far a lot better than slogging out a full week in the gym and just laying on the sofa with a pizza, go into town and really enjoy what you’ve earnt.

Why is a healthy balance important?

If you spend your life being scared of food or depriving yourself then it will make you want things more. This is how eating disorders and food intolerances happen because people become immune to wanting to eat because their scared of putting weight back on. Finding your balance between healthy food but maintaining a social life is something a lot of people can sustain long term instead of ‘YOYO dieting’

There are 2 options you have when you slip up on your diet.

OPTION 1 – Slip up and cry about it for rest of the week and put more weight on.

OPTION 2 – Enjoy your treats, work your arse off in the gym and accept that life isn’t always perfect but you can always change it in the future.

I’d advise the 2nd option.

Don’t be scared to fall…

I remember when I wanted to join the gym but it took about 2 weeks to even pluck up the courage to do a induction let alone a proper session. I was petrified that everyone was just going to stare at how skinny I was. Confidence was low and I just felt like I had no business being in a gym.

After finally taking the plunge I signed up to Virgin active and hit my first “chest session” it honestly kicked my arse. I had no structure or no idea what I was doing but I just tried to work as hard as possible. I remember leaving that day feeling lightheaded and dizzy and thought “I ain’t doing that again”, I woke up the next morning with the most incredible muscle ache known to man but I loved it, this was the turning point.

Over the years as time has gone on fitness went from being a confidence booster to a hobby and now its my passion and career. It’s not a choir and I don’t feel like I have to do this, i simply do it because I love it.

Most people get scared off by the thought of even starting something their scared off and some people will never overcome that but tackling a fear head on is the best way to overcome it. It’s always the things your most scared of that serve the most benefit…Here is a little example. I’ve wanted to start my own Youtube channel for a while now but played it safe with this BLOG instead. I know that I’d get more benefit from Youtube but I’m still building myself to film videos and talk into a camera.

Please don’t be scared of falling over and getting back up again because life is too short to be scared of doing the things that will have the most positive affect on your life. I don’t need to remind you that time waits for no one and it’s constant so make the most of it because you surely won’t get it back.

Chasing a dream….

Chasing a dream.

When you have a clear dream in you’re head it’s easy to get distracted by things that will get in the way. You can lose sight of what the dream is or why your even chasing it in the first place. Let’s be honest how many people say “I’d love to live in a big house,lovely car and not have to work” but these same people will literally do nothing to back that up. It’s what people call a “pipeline dream”

Don’t listen to anyone about YOUR dreams.

It’s rare that people will be able to relate to your personal goals and dreams because their quick to judge and shut it down because they don’t think its possible. If you risk by living your life on what other people think is possible then you’ll get no where in life. I’m sure when Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook there was people telling him that it can’t be done, Don’t think we need to mention how well that business is doing.

Grab onto it with two hands and don’t let go.

When you’re clear with what your chasing then don’t stop until you achieve it.

  • Don’t slow down for anyone
  • Don’t doubt yourself
  • Don’t listen to negative bullshit
  • Live life on your terms
  • Don’t quit.

In life good people will come and go and it’s up to you to realise what’s worth keeping and what’s pulling you back. Wrapping yourself around positive people that will have a positive affect on your personal goals can help a lot. A solid support network can make the difference for some people especially if you start to doubt yourself, everyone needs a kick up the arse from time to time.

Stay hungry and forever chase your dream.

It won’t happen overnight…

If your trying to lose weight or build muscle some people think there is a quick fix when the harsh reality is… can take a while.

How long does it take to lose 2 stone? 

How long is a piece of string? When this question commonly gets asked I laugh inside because there are so many variables that people oversee :-

  • How much weigh before you start?
  • Fitness background?
  • How much work your willing to put in?
  • How serious your going to take the process?
  • Medical/Injury history?
  • What body type are you?

You can drop a lot of weight quite quickly but this isn’t always most affective because you can plateau easier and regress back into weight gain. Losing weight slowly and consistently is the most affective.

How advertising can F*CK your head.

Nowadays marketing and advertising are designed to shock you and create a feeling of “Wow look at that guy who lost 3 stone in 3 weeks taking them pills”. Its all ways to make more money off people who are vulnerable and don’t have the knowledge to know how long it really takes. People will happily invest in buying products and quick fixes to cut out the hard work because hernandez from brazil got great results on some random website.

Find your formula.

I say with all my clients we need to find the formula that works for you to either lose weight or build muscle but maintain a social friendly lifestyle because let’s be honest, life is too short to just eat chicken and veg. There can be various different methods on finding your formula:-

  • x3 weighted gym sessions per week
  • x2 Fasted power walks
  • Boxing class
  • 6:1 Ratio with clean eating
  • More volume training
  • Circuit based training.
  • Progress overload

All types of training that your body will respond well too.

It won’t happen overnight.

I want to conclude this short blog with saying that nothing in life is a quick fix and changing your body is the same. If you eat well and train hard then you will lose weight, simple as that. Giving up before you even give the process a chance is a big problem with why people never see results. Be consistent and show up everyday and I guarantee you will get to where you want to be.

– Don’t cry to give up, Cry to keep moving forward.



Set a goal…

Setting a goal can be a great way to keep yourself accountable with food and training. Giving yourself meaning behind workouts will only encourage you to be consistent, let’s be honest no one wants to look like a tit on a photoshoot or stage.

What’s a good goal? 

There isn’t a wrong answer here because its PERSONAL to you. Examples of typical goals:

  • Holiday’s
  • Wedding’s
  • Photoshoot
  • Physique competition
  • Fitting into any clothes
  • Run a marathon

It doesn’t even need to be something big or life changing but just something that’s going to give you a purpose.

Set a goal that scares you.

When setting a goal don’t play it safe and set something that you know deep down you can easily achieve if you put your mind to it. Set a goal that genuinely scares the sh*t out of you. Last June I committed to my first physique competition which is this June coming. It really scared me but its increased my training and nutrition 10 fold because I know if I don’t give it my best effort I’m going to look stupid. With all this said don’t set something crazy like I’m going to loose 5 stone in 2 months because even in the unlikely event that happened it isn’t healthy.

Advantages of goal setting.

A few reasons as to why I believe goal setting is a better way to gain results:-

  • Be accountable
  • Purpose for training and nutrition
  • Improves consistency
  • Creates a sensation that your getting results
  • People respond better to structure and routine
  • Chasing something is better than dreaming about something
  • Even if you fall short you would have made more gains than not trying at all.

These goals should be somewhat personal because a lot of people will tell you that it can’t be done because they couldn’t do it.


Just remember….Actions speak louder than words.

Progress is everything….

What is your definition of progress?

Progress doesn’t always have to be losing weight or building muscle. You can easily get disheartened by not reaching a goal but if committing to something makes you increase your effort towards that goal then surely that’s progress…? If your target is to earn 50k per year by the age of 25 but you fall short by 5k but you worked your arse off for it, having that vision increased your work rate thus making better progress than not trying at all. Taking a positive out of a failure is a powerful thing.

How can we track progress?

As a personal trainer I’m going to use weight loss as an example but you can apply this to anything in life.

  • Target weight loss – 2 stone
  • Weigh yourself on day 1.
  • Give yourself a tough but possible deadline day.
  • Map out possible events that might hinder your progress.
  • Spend everyday going after that goal and don’t settle for anything else.

Mapping out a timeline of goals is a good way to feel like you have a good routine and structure which a lot of people respond well to because it doesn’t feel random and lucky. There’s nothing worse than wondering if you’ve lost weight or not, if you’re eating like you should and exercising like you should then weight loss SHOULD occur. It’s not an accident people lose weight after all.


I thrive off making progress and seeing changes because that’s what excites me, not everyone is the same. People will be very quick to quit and be hard on themselves when things are just about to change. Being consistent throughout the times when you want to quit will make the difference between achieving what you want or just giving up.

Progress is everything…..

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